A Slash & Dine Toast to Peter Cushing

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by Nicole Mikuzis and Megan Owens

Baron Frankenstein, Dr. Van Helsing, Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Who, Grand Moff Tarkin, and so many more. Whatever character you think of Peter Cushing as, one thing is certain- he left a lasting impression in that role. We here at Slash & Dine feel the need to dedicate some space on Brutal As Hell to one of our favorite actors. Peter Cushing first debuted in the film The Man In The Iron Mask, but it wasn’t too long after that he really became the horror icon that he is today from films like The Curse of Frankenstein & Dracula (both also starring another legend, Christopher Lee). Of course with talent like his, he played various other roles, but Cushing always went back to his roots & knew that horror fans appreciated him like no other.

Outside of his acting life, Cushing was also an animal rights activist. Now, here’s where we make a confession- we’re vegetarians. Yes, the same girls that brought you beer can chicken and franks & beans are vegetarians. We respect animals as much as Cushing did, but we also respect the meat eaters of the world and want to cater to your carnivorous needs. But since this is all about the man, the myth, the legend, we’re bringing you one of his veggie recipes from the book “Living Without Cruelty”.

Peter Cushing’s Beetroot and Onion Supper Special

4-6 medium beetroots, scrubbed
2 sticks celery, scrubbed
2 large onions, roughly chopped or 8-10 pickling onion, whole
2 large potatoes, pre-boiled for 10 minutes
Sunflower oil
Freshly Ground black pepper

Dice the beetroot and finely slice the celery. In a large pan saute the onion until just turning brown. Add the beetroot and celery. Turn down the heat and cook for 2 minutes. Chop the potatoes into chunks and add to the pan. Season with pepper. Cover and cook on a very low heat until the potato is tender, stirring every few minutes to prevent sticking.

*After preparing the recipe as written, we have a few tips to offer. For those adventurous enough to even try this recipe, you might want to roast or boil your beets before adding them to the onions, unless you are a fan of crunchy beets. You might also want to add some seasoning to this dish, especially salt. You can also throw in some fresh or dried herbs.

He was one of the greatest actors in history and for that, we raise our glasses high and toast to Peter Cushing. Thank you for the hours of entertainment you’ve given us.

“He really was the most gentle and generous of men. I have often said he died because he was too good for this world.”- Christopher Lee

Stay tuned for more toasts to our horror favorites & as always, more recipes. Let us know who you think should be recognized and we’ll make sure to cook up something tasty in their honor. Be sure to follow us on twitter @slashanddine for more.

-Nicole & Megan

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  • Marc says:

    Even as one that is not preferential to onions I must say this looks mighty tasty. And hats off to Mr. Cushing! You also get big bonus points for whipping up awesome carnivorous dishes despite your vegetarianism.

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