Exclusive First Look At Jason Bognacki’s ‘The White Face’

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by Marc Patterson

If you don’t know the name Jason Bognacki I wouldn’t blame you, but I do hope to change that. Back in January I posted a short review of Loma Lynda: The Red Door, a sixteen minute short film which was a stunning and surreal descent into madness. Of that film I said “Director Jason Bognacki encapsulates the glamorous high fashion sensibilities of the Italian giallo films of the 70’s, incorporates a healthy dose of postmodernism from the French New Wave, while making a nod towards Noé, and tops it off with Lynchian narrative to create a violent, yet alluring film that is sexy, stylish, and wonderfully shot. It’s pure visual artistry that will leave you dazzled and disturbed.

Well, Bognacki has been kind enough to give us an exclusive first look at his new short film The White Face, which was shot in a single day on no budget with his wife Aline Bognacki, while on their honeymoon. Clearly they aren’t your typical couple, but Bognacki is not your typical horror filmmaker. That said, I’d hardly call him a horror filmmaker at all. This guy makes visual art. You want to call it of the haunting sort, well then that’s up to you.

The White Face is slated to debut at the Fantasia International Film Festival this July, and while officially it is described as “A thrilling tale of love and jealousy; takes a supernatural turn when a crime of passion and greed becomes an inescapable nightmare“, I would say that description hardly scratches the surface. In his signature style of high fashion corruption, mind-bending twists, and David Lynch inspired surrealism, Bognacki has created yet another short film that will hypnotize audiences in its stunning visuals and haunting atmosphere.

Bognacki exhibits a great understanding of how to effectively tell a story visually, with little to no dialogue, yet perfectly convey raw emotion through the use of color, texture, and entrancing visuals. (The fact that the women in his film are mind blowingly gorgeous certainly doesn’t hurt either.) Complemented by a minimal orchestral score that threads a disturbing blend of strings and percussive elements together The White Face becomes a real mind trip to sink into.

If it sounds like I’m heavily praising Bognacki’s films, it’s because I am. I’m a Libra. I naturally go for the most luxurious and expensive items in the room. I’ll happily fork over $15 for a good Johnny Walker and Scotch that I can sit back and enjoy while overlooking Central Park from a fashionable lounge. It’s just in my nature. There are a lot of neo-giallo filmmakers that come along and take a stab at re-creating that gone-by era of sexy high fashion horror, but very few (read almost none) get it right. Jason Bognacki gets it right. The White Face certainly isn’t going to appeal to the lowbrow gore-hound audience, but for those that can appreciate a bit of artistry in their horror this is one name to watch.

Be sure to check out the short teaser trailer below as well as our exclusive images.  The White Face stars Aline Bognacki and Sarah-Laure Estragnat.

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