Editorial: The Pre-Memorial Day Rundown

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by Marc Patterson

Well summer is nigh to upon us. It’s been a year and a half of rockin’ the horror beat hard around here. Things have been insane this year with horror. We’ve had a lot of new releases and a couple really controversial ones in The Human Centipede and Serbian Film. Two films that folks are guaranteed to be talking about for ages. Not only that but we saw the new A Nightmare on Elm Street remake hit theaters to mixed reviews, and if controversy is the word of the year then I can’t wait for everyone’s reactions to Let Me In and the upcoming I Spit On Your Grave. The year seems to be only getting heated up. I’ll say it now: 2010 is a GOOD year for horror.

That said, we’re going to be doing a bit of a summer downshift around these parts. While there are a ton of daily news items coming at us from every angle we’re going to be taking a step back from the “news” part of our site. I don’t know about you all, but I’m big on spending time just chillin’ in the outdoors. If there’s one thing I believe in it’s summer hours. Not to say we won’t be covering any news, but it’s going to be pretty barebones. Plus, this coming week I’m starting a new day job and that’s going to require some intense hours as well as travel. So there are some significant changes in my personal life as well that are coming into play and I’d rather cut something than dish out some soft serve.

That said, you can still expect coverage of all the major theatrical releases, as well a focus on indie horror, stuff that DESERVES the spotlight. The trash? Forget about it. We don’t have time. We’ve got some cool interviews lined up as well, so while I’m talking a downshift you have to keep in mind that when I “downshift” I usually start to work at the pace of most other people.

Features, features, features… Let’s talk about our newest feature we’re introducing to the site starting next Saturday. It’s an exciting joint venture with Brian Solomon of The Vault of Horror. We’ve been hashing out the details over the past few weeks and we’re excited to finally introduce the debut of “The Lucky 13”. Thirteen films, thirteen weeks… total fucking madness. Brian and I have toiled building a list of thirteen key sub-genres of horror. Each week we’ll be posting write-ups featuring our favorite film within a specific sub-genre. Not only that, but rumor has it BJ-C of Day of the Woman is in on the action as well, as is the respective staff for each site. It’s going to be an epic project this summer in the horrorsphere and a great way for all of us to return to our “roots” and re-visit and re-explore some of the films we love so much. So look for that to start next week. Posts will go up every Saturday.

In other cool news I have a new website. (Yeah, remember that quip about downshifting? Haha. I’m laughing too). I’ve spent the majority of my life playing music and one thing that I really enjoy diving into with film is music. Music sets the tone for any given film. The choice of style, the use or emphasis on it, and sometimes the lack of music often create the mood just as much, if not more, than good cinematography and (godforbid I say it) acting. So with a lifetime of playing music from classical piano to jazz, to punk and hardcore I’ve created a blog called “The Sounds of Fear” that will explore music in horror cinema. Why not just add The Sounds of Fear as a sidebar column to our already stellar site, you ask? Well for one, the focus of it doesn’t deserve sidebar mention. Brutal As Hell is about horror cinema, and The Sounds of Fear is essentially a music site, though with an emphasis on horror. The Sounds of Fear will also push the boundaries beyond just cinema into any music that envelopes the dark side of life. It’s not going to be a daily update and maybe only once a week for now, but look for some cool shit there. Of course I’ll be cross-linking when appropriate so you’ll be able to stay up on happenings over there, even if you forget about it!

Well, that’s the summer in a wrap. It would seem I’ve almost ended it before it’s official hit, but never fear… there’s a lot of great stuff on the horizon, so stay tuned and keep coming back!


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