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by Marc Patterson

I don’t have the time in the world to sit down and read a proper book. I might get two books read a year. Pathetic considering I went to college as an English major. But I do enjoy reading and if you can’t tell from this website – I’m passionate as all hell about horror. One of the things I’ve really enjoyed the most from blogging about horror are the friends, co-conspirators, and community of people I’ve met. Once you get to reading a few of the blogs out there and chatting with these bloggers via Twitter or Facebook you really start to get a real feeling for a community. It makes visiting and re-visiting certain sites all the more fun. You’re not just reading a review or commentary on a film, you’re swapping ideas. It’s infectious to say the least.

So what I want to start doing, and I’ll start it right here, is highlighting a few of the blogs I find myself returning to frequently. There are a lot of them and I can’t get to them all in one pass, so I’ll knock em out two or three at a time every couple weeks or so.


First up is a guy who almost needs no introduction, but I’m going to give him one anyway. If you’re a horror blogger you’re sure to know him well, Brian Solomon of The Vault of Horror. Brian is one of the most genuine and respectable guys in the blogging community. He’s not arrogant, pompous, or full of himself, as some horror geeks can be. Just a really down to earth honest guy who loves talking about horror. His blog is consistently the top rated blog on HorrorBlips.com (another great site to visit daily) and if you’re a daily visitor to The Vault you’ll get exposed to everything from ‘Boris Karloff’s Ten Best Roles Beside You-Know-Who’, to a variety of ‘Trailer Trash’ clips, which round up series of trailers from a particular director.  One of my favorites from the past was his Lucio Fulci roundup, but today’s Stephen King round up ain’t too shabby either.

Brian sets his blog apart by not trying to be like anyone else.  Rather he tackles subject matter that he’s not only passionate about and that appeals to him, but does so in a manner that invites the community to come in, take part, and participate in the conversation.  No question about it – it’s a must read.


Next up is Tenebrous Kate of Love Train for the Tenebrous Empire.  I don’t quite remember how I got turned onto this addictive blog, but I can tell you what kept me coming back – I was hooked on the title of the blog itself.  Being a literary guy who has hung with some of those more famous “Beat Writers” the title for me carried a throwback vibe towards a time long gone.  Her tagline is “Lurid. Weird. Fantastique”, and I couldn’t agree more.  Once you’ve taken proper measures to dive into the blog you’ll feel almost as if you’ve stepped into some sort of retro goth curio shoppe filled with oddities, trinkets,and cinematastic goodness.  Tenebrous Kate delivers post after post filled with sharp writing on what she has described as “70s-vintage, low-budget, high-kookiness exploitation films”.  For a perfect sampling of what I’m talking about you don’t have to look any further than her front page where she highlights the art of Alastair not but a couple posts down from a superb review of The New Gladiators.  That being said, I would beg you spend some time and dig deeper into the archives.  Even though she isn’t prone to post something new every day, there is always something new to discover. If you haven’t done so already I highly recommend riding this Train until the conductor kicks you off!


Last in this initial round-up is a site I’ve been silently stalking for quite sometime, but never long enough.  Horror Movie a Day is a site run by one of the most dedicated fans of the genre out there, a guy by the name of Brian Collins.  Brian doesn’t do much to draw too much attention to himself in his daily posts.  He’d much rather let the films do the talking, and his approach works quite well.  And before you ask the answer is yes.  He really does watch a horror movie each day.  His FAQ is very clear to state that this isn’t some sort of thing where he watches a bunch of films and then posts a review daily.  No, at some point during each day he watches a film and then waxes poetic on each and every one.  The films range in scope and scale from classics of horror to the latest cineplex scare.  Every post jumps you through decades of horror, and often he’ll blast you from left field with a film you’ve never heard of before.  Because he posts daily there is never time to get bored.  The fact that this blog has been running steadily for three years is amazing and there has to be some kind of endurance award to be handed out for his tenacity.  Just read it.  Trust me you won’t be sorry.

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