Vicious Vixen: Deanna Marie

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Deanna Marie is a pinup/latex model, photographer, hair and makeup stylist and accessory designer from Virginia Beach VA. Even better, she’s a self proclaimed horror movie addict. Among her favorite films are: Quarantine, Saw I-V, Paranormal Activity, Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Amityville Horror.

She has modeled with some amazing photographers all over the U.S. and just recently was published in Pinup Garage Magazine. While hot rod and chopper pin-up modeling are amongst her favorite to do you can see that she wears horror quite well.

She’s always looking to continue working with photographers that specialize in pinup so if you’re a photographer and you like what you see don’t hesitate to get in touch. Enjoy the photo set below and to see more check out her websites:,
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Tim Bennett/Anatomic Bomb
Tim Bennett/Anatomic Bomb
Rc Design Studios/Anatomic Bomb
Creative Touch Images
Rc Design Studios/ Anatomic Bomb
Bombshell Pinups

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