DVD Review: Subspecies 2

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subspecies2Subspecies 2 (1993)
Studio: Full Moon Entertainment
DVD Release Date: April 15, 2008
Directed By: Ted Nicolaou
Cast: Anders Hove, Denise Duff, Melanie Shatner, Kevin Spirtas & Pamela Gordon
Review By: Annie Riordan

Michelle Morgan has defeated the evil vampire Radu and has been turned into a vampire herself by her new Prince Vamp boyfriend Stefan. But Radu miraculously manages to resurrect himself and kills Stefan in his coffin. Michelle flees Castle Vladislas with the Bloodstone in her possession. The Bloodstone – an ancient relic and Vladislas family heirloom – can sustain the vampire who feeds from it and grants them amazing powers and strength. Determined to regain his treasure, Radu follows Michelle to Bucharest, but once there he realizes he’s smitten with the lovely girl and becomes determined to claim both her and the Bloodstone for himself. Can Michelle’s sister and her new handsome boyfriend save Michelle from a fate worse than death?

This is a pretty good follow-up to 1991’s original Subspecies. Denise Duff is a very pretty and welcome new Michelle who looks stunning in a torn lace dress and with a ghastly ghostly pallor to go with it. Radu gets to grow up a bit too, despite his “mamma’s boy” devotion to his disgustingly shriveled up “Mummy,” the sequel’s new villain. His love for the pretty Michelle is pathetic and ghoulish, and despite his resemblance to a lumpy, weather beaten gargoyle, you end up feeling terribly sorry for the drooly pervert.

More serious than the first, but every bit as much fun, Bloodstone: Subspecies 2 is a very watchable sequel that delivers a good, strong story and rightly moves Anders Hove to center stage. Followed by yet another worthy sequel, the slightly silly but totally engaging Bloodstorm: Subspecies 3!

Brutal As Hell Rating: 3 ½ out of 5

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