DVD Review: War Wolves

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war_wolvesWar Wolves (2009)

Studio: Monarch Video

Release Date: June 23, 2009

Directed By: Michael Worth

Cast: Michael Worth, John Saxon, Tim Thomerson, Natasha Alam & Adrienne Barbeau

Review By: Annie Riordan


Caught in a gunfight somewhere in the Mideast, soldier Jake Gabriel and his squad come under attack by a pack of wolfmen. Six months later, Jake is living up in Point Reyes under the assumed name of Lawrence Talbot (oh, how original), working a dead end job in a grocery store and regularly attending AA meetings, even though he still drinks. Turns out that Jake and his squad all survived the werewolf attack, but have all been infected with the lycanthropic virus. Jake is doing his damnedest to suppress his inner wolf, until a duo of elderly military “wolf hunters” catch up with him.


Dispatched to kill any and all werewolves, the duo nevertheless allow Jake to live, knowing that he poses no threat and aware of the fact that the other werewolves are seeking him as well. It seems that a trio of hot female werewolves is looking for Jake for a very different reason, and they’re leaving a bloody trail of dead bodies behind them.


Keeping in mind the fact that War Wolves is a made-for-TV Sci-Fi channel flick, it’s actually a bit better than it has any right to be. A sharp script and a good sense of humor teamed with some startlingly good acting is always a winning combination, and the addition of genre favorites Saxon and Barbeau definitely make it worth a watch. Now, that said, keep your finger near the FFW button.


War Wolves has a tendency to become bogged down by its plot. Yes, the script is snappy, but sometimes the dialog goes on much longer than necessary to the point where I was squirming with the “C’mon already!” restlessness. Also, despite the fact that this is a movie about ex-military werewolves, it’s seriously lacking in action. You’re going to have to make do with two tepid shootout scenes and a couple of lame Matrix-esque kung fu fighting sequences.


Oh, and the make-up sucks. There are no full-on werewolf transformations. Instead, we get some girls running around with pointy elf ears, plastic fangs and eyebrow pencil rubbed onto the end of their noses to make them look like puppies. The plastic fangs in particular make speech difficult for the actors and their lines become practically indecipherable, but those goddamned noses ruin whatever credibility the film had up to that point. It’s hard trying to take a pack of ravenous she-wolves seriously when they all look like Benji.


Reasonably original and worth watching for Saxon, Barbeau and those sexy werewolf chicks, but don’t expect Dog Soldiers.


Brutal As Hell Rating:

2 ½ out of 5





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