Blu-ray Review: Killer Dames: Two Gothic Chillers by Emilio P. Miraglia

Posted on May 26, 2016 by Ben
Arrow Video Killer Dames

By Nia Edwards-Behi I confess that the name Emilio P. Miraglia didn’t mean much to me before Arrow announced their boxset dedicated to his two Gothic giallos, but the titles were familiar: The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave and The Red Queen Kills Seven Times. Miraglia’s name isn’t the only one connecting these […]

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Deranged Shot-On-Video Slasher Massacre Up North Making DVD Debut

Posted on May 25, 2016 by Ben
Massacre Up North - Shivers Entertainment DVD

By Ben Bussey Are we already at the point where there’s a sense of retro chic about shot on video horror movies? If so, I may truly be getting too old for this shit. I realise that the flaws of today become the retro chic flourishes of tomorrow – but really now, be it VHS, […]

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DVD Review: Intruders (2015)

Posted on May 24, 2016 by Keri

By Keri O’Shea Casting an eye over the upcoming cover art for Intruders, I found myself thinking two things: firstly, oh god, that Cabin in the Woods artwork has a lot to answer for, and secondly, hmm – there are a lot of household tools being showcased here; please don’t let this home invasion movie […]

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Remembering Steph

Posted on May 23, 2016 by Ben

By Ben Bussey Regular BAH readers will remember that we suffered our darkest hour last September with the death of our friend and longtime contributor Stephanie Scaife. More than eight months on, it’s still hard to find the words for it all, but it’s of course considerably harder for those who really knew Steph in […]

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BAH Exclusive: Cast Announced For Yoshihiro Nishimura’s The Embalmer

Posted on May 18, 2016 by Ben
Eihi Shiina - Audition

By Ben Bussey It isn’t too often we slap the word ‘exclusive’ on the top of a story here at BAH, but we’re doing it today – and a pretty juicy exclusive it is too. One of our favourite filmmakers, Yoshihiro Nishimura (Japan’s premiere gore FX master, and director of Tokyo Gore Police, Vampire Girl […]

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Help 88 Films Remaster Classic Italian Horror!

Posted on May 15, 2016 by Keri

By Keri O’Shea Have you ever cast an eye over your burgeoning DVD collection and thought, you know what – I really bloody need to see some Italian exploitation cinema in glorious 2K? Well, this one’s for you. Aficionados of trash and horror cinema are probably already aware of 88 Films: they’re the guys who […]

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Tense Trailer For Fede Alvarez’s Don’t Breathe

Posted on May 13, 2016 by Ben
Don't Breathe

By Ben Bussey Longtime BAH readers with good memories may recall that we weren’t especially kind to Fede Alvarez’s remake of The Evil Dead when it arrived in 2013. It’s a film I still have some hang-ups about, due mainly to its contrived plot developments, and somewhat pointless embellishments of the existing mythology. Even so, […]

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Sheborg Massacre Announces Premiere, Unveils Dude Designs Poster

Posted on May 12, 2016 by Ben

By Ben Bussey And there we were thinking one majestic new work of art from The Dude Designs was enough for one week. But no – on top of the recently released poster for Kurando Mitsutake’s Karate Kill, here’s another Tom Hodge creation for another eagerly anticipated 2016 movie, Sheborg Massacre, the next from indie Ozploitation […]

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Anthology Horror Holidays Hitting UK In July

Posted on May 11, 2016 by Ben

By Ben Bussey I find myself wanting to open the lines “holidays are coming, holidays are coming,” but then I know I’m going to wind up with that Christmas Coca-Cola advert jingle stuck in my head… and now, so do you. Think of it as an early Christmas gift. And speaking of starting Christmas early: […]

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Review: Oltre La follia/Beyond Madness (2016)

Posted on May 10, 2016 by Ben
Oltre La Follia – Beyond Madness DVD

By Karolina Gruschka The Aborsky Produktion Oltre La Follia by Luigi Zanuso, is a celebration of the abject. Introduced by the film’s promotion as “a surreal Porno/horror impregnated with the artistic/conceptual vision of the author”, Oltre La Follia displays death, (moral) decay, abject identities and various body fluids and functions in an explicit manner. The […]

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Kurando Mitsutake’s Karate Kill Gets A Badass Poster From The Dude Designs

Posted on May 10, 2016 by Ben

By Ben Bussey It isn’t too often we’ll devote a post purely to a new poster release, but I’m doing it now for two key reasons. Firstly, I think I can speak for most of us at BAH when I say Kurando Mitsutake’s Gun Woman is one of our favourite exploitation movies of the last […]

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Review: Harvest Lake (2016)

Posted on May 9, 2016 by Ben
Harvest-Lake (1)

By Ben Bussey I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: far too often, microbudget indie horror filmmakers seem content to do little more than half-heartedly rehash tired old tropes in a manner that demands little of themselves and even less of their audiences. It makes me very happy to say that this is […]

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Review: Do You Like My Basement? (2014)

Posted on May 8, 2016 by Ben
Do You Like My Basement - cover

Review by Quin Roger Sewhcomar’s no-budget crowd funded film Do You Like My Basement? Is one of those titles that you will probably either love or hate. On one hand, it’s a bit whimsical and gives a wink at the horror genre; on the other hand, for those who like their horror mean and nasty, […]

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DVD Review: Cherry Tree (2015)

Posted on May 7, 2016 by Keri

By Keri O’Shea You’d think God and Satan wouldn’t have a great deal in common, what with being timeless adversaries and all, but they do: they each seem to have an unreasonable obsession with human fertility. One side thinks Onanism is a sin because it wants arses on pews and the other, well – most […]

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Horror in Short: Seize the Night (2015)

Posted on May 7, 2016 by Keri
seize the night

By Keri O’Shea Vampires vs. werewolves, in a film directed, produced, edited and starring the same person? Wait – a twelve-minute film? I have to say, my curiosity was piqued by just what Seize the Night would be able to achieve in that short time frame. As you might expect, there’s a lot of ambition […]

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Mondo VHS Top Trumps Ready for Pre-Order

Posted on May 6, 2016 by Keri

By Keri O’Shea You may have enjoyed, as I have, some of the horror-themed Top Trumps cards which have thus far emanated from the fevered minds of the chaps at Gods and Monsters. The Video Nasties editions sold out in no time, as did the Fulci deck – and in a similar vein, you’ve missed […]

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Imagine Film Festival 2016 Review: I Am A Hero (2015)

Posted on May 4, 2016 by Ben

By Tristan Bishop I’m pretty sure I’ve been guilty of claiming that the zombie film is dead myself on more than one occasion; but, much like their featured antagonists, they just don’t stay dead. Of course, the problem with this is they tend to not be so fresh after a while. I Am A Hero […]

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